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"I founded Dietitian Connection because I saw a need. There were resources for those who sought to become a better leader - and resources for those who wanted to become better at the practice of dietetics. Nowhere was there a single, one-stop shop for dietitians who sought to be inspired, share ideas, educate and engage with like-minded professionals. I've endeavoured to fill that gap for our industry by founding Dietitian Connection. Today, we're a dynamic community of innovative, motivated nutrition leaders, enjoying exceptional opportunities for professional growth and advancement. Every new member enriches our community in their own unique way. Won't you be next?" 

Maree Ferguson, Founder Dietitian Connection

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Graduation will come around before you know it. Do you have a plan for landing that dream job?

Get involved now with DC and take advantage of our myriad of career resources, including resume building, mentoring and networking opportunities.

Delve into our library of webinars, archived news articles and podcasts to learn more about specialty topics that interest you, to help you make career choices.

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As you launch your career in dietetics, we're here to support you.

Learn the basics of being a dietetics professional - our advice is specific to your industry, and is not generic.

We provide you with opportunities to network with seasoned dietitians at our events; educate yourself with our expert-led podcasts and webinars; stay current on news and research through our publications; and build a brand for yourself as you contribute content and opinions to the DC community.

Accelerate your career today - join DC.

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We're not just dietitians at DC; we are managers, entrepreneurs, and leaders - just like you.

And we specialise in delivering business-savvy advice that's customised for our industry as dietitians. Become a better communicator; grow adept on social media; learn to write a business plan; build your brand; hire better staff members; plan a path to your career goals; meeting colleagues that inspire you; and much more. We know how tough it can be to manage the day-in and day-out of a business --and to find time for anything else.

Joining the DC community makes it easy - and time-efficient - to stop treading water and start moving toward that finish line you've dreamed of.

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It can be challenging working in a corporate environment - sometimes it feels like you're in a bubble, without much contact with the wider dietitian community.

Becoming a member of DC puts you directly in touch with inspiring nutrition leaders. Stay current on news that affects your products and brands; get advice on how be a better manager and leader; learn how to hire a better team; make new connections outside of industry; plan your next career move; leverage our webinars and podcasts to stay one step ahead of trends; and much more.

Join DC -- and instantly become part of a vibrant, inspiring community to help you connect, innovate and grow. 

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