Please watch the video below for instructions on how to access and download your CPEU/CPD certificate.


Where can I find my CPEU/CPD certificates?

To access all of your certificates, please ensure you are logged in and then click here.

What if my certificate for a specific webinar doesn’t appear on my account?

This may be due to two reasons:

1. You may have registered for the webinar using a different email address. Please try logging in with the other email address and see if the certificate is listed on that account.

2. You may have not not registered for the webinar yet. Please go to the ‘Webinars‘ section of our website, find the webinar you are looking for and register for that webinar. The certificate should now be available in your account.

What if one webinar is showing on my account more than once?

This may mean you have registered for the webinar more than once. To remove any duplicate registrations, please email us.

If you have any other questions or need any assistance, please reach out to us.

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