Graduating dietitian excited to enter the field!

Hi! I’m Nadia- a student dietitian in my final semester of an accredited Masters at the University of Sydney. I am due to complete my studies by November 2021 so I’m open to any dietetic role from that time onwards.

Looking for work • Closing 30 Jun
Bridget Scrogings

I graduated with a Master’s degree from UQ in 2016 with an interest in sport, as such, I completed my SDA Sports Nutrition Course in 2019. Upon graduating, I worked in Brisbane in an allied health private practice clinic up until re-locating to the USA in February 2020, where I have been working as a nutritionist in a high-end hotel. My situation is a little unique, as I am currently located in the USA with the intention of working between the USA and Australia.

Looking for work • Closing 31 Dec
Meera – Enthusiastic graduate dietitian (APD) looking for work

Hello! My name is Meera and I am a graduate dietitian (APD) from Deakin University (Master of Dietetics). I am looking for job opportunities and work experience and I am open to clinical, community health and private practice opportunities. I would be happy to take on practice, research or quality improvement/resource development roles.

Looking for work • Closing 31 Dec
Hardworking New Graduate Dietitian

Hello, my name is Brooke and I’m a new graduate dietitian looking for job opportunities. I’m very passionate about clinical dietetics, however, I would be open to and happily take on a role within community health, private practice or research too.

Looking for work • Closing 31 Dec
Enthusiastic New Graduate Dietitian looking for work / experience

Hi! I’m Rebecca and I recently graduated from USYD Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics. I have a strong interest in clinical dietetics, particularly diabetes and paediatrics. I am open to all opportunities that will provide me with experience working as a dietitian.

Looking for work • Closing 3 Aug
Future APD in August!

Hi! My name is Jasmine and I am going to be finishing my Dietetic Masters Degree in late July! I am extremely excited and eager to start my career in dietetics, hence why I am posting this submission before I have even finished!

Looking for work • Closing 30 Oct 2027

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