Learn the tips and tricks to get the job you love


Hello incredible dietitian! Are you taking laps around the sun searching for that dream job? We heard the SOS (cue superhero music) and so you have arrived at the right place at the perfect time (so dietitian of you).

Have you ever thought…

When will it be my turn to be that #1?

I have submitted soooooo many applications and I never hear back

There are so many graduates and few new graduate positions, how do I stand a chance?

What if I stumble on a question in the interview?

When you walk out of an interview having bombed it and someone says ‘yeah you probably should have mentioned evidence based practice’. Like thanks Susan. Never thought of that.
I’m fine now thanks.

I have 6 years experience and I still don’t have a permanent job

I keep ‘just missing out’ on that higher level position.

Welcome to the tips and tricks from the other side of the interview table that nobody tells you.

We’re Maree and Rhiannon, two dietitians who were just like YOU not too long ago.

You have thought it, we have lived it – the good, the bad and the ugly.

We have over 40 years of combined interviewing experience, reading thousands of applications and interviewing hundreds of amazing potential employees.

Now we’re sharing the hints, tips and tricks with YOU!

Learn from our own interview disaster stories and avoid the mistakes we made.
Don’t waste time trying to figure this out yourself, for a small investment in yourself, we can show you step by step how to land your dream job.

So if you’re tired of receiving rejection after rejection… This online course can show you how to stress less and get the job you love.

Imagine a situation where you…

Feel in control of your job search

Feel confident for your job interview

Feel happy that you have invested everything you can do to get your dream job

Have just landed your dream job

Are finally #1

This can be you!

Introducing the…

Get the job you love online course


  • 5 hours of video lessons – access these in your own convenient time and location (learn at your own pace)
  • Downloadable workbooks to walk you through each step of the job interview process – follow along and get real results
  • Assessed-CPD Quiz*
  • Resume and cover-letter templates
  • Email template/script to approach a mentor
  • Checklists for your written application and interview
  • Example cover letter, resume and selection criteria responses
  • Observe real-life interviews and feedback
  • + BONUS resources
This step-by-step course takes you through your entire job search process with lessons on:
  • Finding jobs and applying for them
  • Writing your cover-letter
  • Preparing your resume
  • Preparing for the interview and then NAILING it
  • How to approach potential mentors
  • Marketing brand YOU
  • Networking and volunteering
  • And so much MORE

So why should you trust us?

We’ve been on both sides of the recruitment table – interviewing and being interviewed! With 40 years of combined recruitment experience, reading thousands of applications and interviewing hundreds of dietitians – we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly.

We have the secrets to success when it comes to landing that job; being the #1 at the end of recruitment; receiving that phone call to hear the magical words “you WON” {well, it will probably be more formal like ‘we would be delighted to offer you the position’… BUT STILL – frigging exciting!)!

You are the best – we can help you identify how, and take a future employer on your journey with you. Don’t be the one who sees their dream job advertised only to miss out because someone else got the scoop (inside tips and tricks), and you didn’t.

Who is this course for?

Student dietitians
New graduate dietitians
Dietitians ready to take the next step to higher-level positions

Frequently asked questions

When can I access the course?
The course was released on 30 Jan 2019. From this date, you can start the course immediately and work at your own pace.

What format is the course?
The course includes video lessons with workbooks for you to action each step of the job process.

Will there be practical examples?
Yes, you’ll get “the how”, together with specifics that explain the entire job searching process in step-by-step detail. We will review real-life written applications and interviews. What’s more, there are real action plans so you know exactly what to do.

Do I get lifetime access?
Absolutely. There’s no limit to your access. Invest in it once, and it’s yours forever.

30 day money-back guarantee

We’re confident you’ll find value in this course so we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Of course, you must be an action taker – the course isn’t magic. However if you demonstrate you have completed the workbooks and the course wasn’t helpful to you, just send us the proof within the first 30 days of your purchase, and we’ll promptly refund every cent.

Remember, you will get out of this course, what you put into it!

This can be you!

“Getting the expert tips and tricks on how to tackle a job interview was a huge help. These insights made me go from nervous and worried, to confident and prepared in showing potential employers I was exactly the candidate they were looking for. The written aspects of job applications were always something I dreaded. However, the advice offered in this course was the exact guidance I needed to make my skills and experience shine on paper.” Patrick Hinton

“I definitely recommend doing this course! It helped me get an interview for a graduate position.” Emily Molyneux

“As a new grad, I found this course very helpful. I was able to successfully get the next job I applied for after I watched the video series. It made me understand how to better write selection criteria and what should be included within the responses. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants help finding a job.” Jacqueline Kydd

This online package, bonuses and resources will pay you back time and time again and save you hours and hours and hours of head scratching, procrastination and wondering what you did, or didn’t say! Invest in yourself, get that job, lets get started together…

About your presenters

Maree Ferguson is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian, Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and is an internationally renowned nutrition and dietetics expert. Previously, she was the Director of Nutrition and Dietetics at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, managing a department of more than 30 dietitians, where she was responsible for hiring dietitians.  Hence, she has participated in too many job interviews to count! Maree developed the Malnutrition Screening Tool which has been implemented in many hospitals worldwide.

Rhiannon Barnes is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian with a clinical background in critical care, surgical and eating disorders. Her true passions include workforce development, where she has the privilege of working with dietitians and allied health staff. She has presented and facilitated workshops on recruitment, career progression and leadership development at local and national levels for over 15 years both within and outside of healthcare and has lead or participated in hundreds of recruitment processes during her career to date. She believes that celebrating your uniqueness is key to being the best version of yourself culminating in creating a profession where we support and champion one another in everything we do!

  • Are you looking for specific feedback on your written application and interviewing skills? Click here to read more about recruitment training with Rhiannon Barnes.

*CPD hours are applicable for Australian and New Zealand dietitians. Check your local country requirements to see if you can claim for continuing education.   

The Get the Job You Love course is for your personal use only – it should not be shared with others or used in a group setting.

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