No matter what stage you are at with your dietetic career, applying for positions, addressing criteria and interviewing never feels easy. Writing your application and facing a panel of interviewers requires a different set of skills to how we perform everyday and because we don’t do this regularly (thank goodness), it can be tricky to master.

Rhiannon Barnes is a dietitian that has read more than 5000 applications, interviewed hundreds of professionals (not just dietitians!) and written even more interview questions with corresponding positive indicators to recruit the right person, for the right job!

If you need a helping hand with your written application, interviewing skills, or a simulation of an actual interview then recruitment coaching is for you! Rhiannon will share insights and perspectives, drawing upon 15+ years of management, recruitment and leadership. She can draw out strengths and examples that set you apart from the crowd, make you shine, and will assist you to be the best version of yourself.


Session pricing:

1 session: $395 (nil GST)

2 sessions: $650 (nil GST)

3 sessions: $950 (nil GST)]

Each additional session thereafter: $200 (nil GST)


Sessions can be done over the phone or via an online platform

Each session can be tailored to your very own needs. However, as a guide, some of the most popular structures include…


Written application review

  • Full review and feedback of an applicants responses to up to six selection criteria (or short response), curriculum vitae/resume and cover letter.
  • Additional tips, tricks and ideas will be included as well as an opportunity to discuss the feedback to ensure the applicant fully understands the context behind each comment!


Interview preparation and skills development

Interviewing is a skill in itself so a one hour session with Rhiannon will provide the applicant with an opportunity to develop interviewing skills as well as gaining knowledge on what employers are looking for. You don’t know what you don’t know until you don’t know it!


Interview simulation

Rhiannon will simulate an interview experience for an hour including designing questions around the position you are applying for and sharing the ‘positive indicators’ with individualised feedback on each of the applicants responses. Replicating the  interview experience is one of the best strategies to improving and practicing your new found skills!


To enquire about one or more sessions, or to ask any questions, get in touch with Rhiannon via phone (call or message) or email:

M: 0410 166 092

E: [email protected]


What are others saying?

“I asked Rhiannon to edit my resume, cover letter and selection criteria after hearing about her services during her presentation to our cohort. It was a big help to have Rhiannon’s thorough and detailed feedback. Not only did I apply her feedback, but it also helped me realise what exactly employers were looking for in an application. It has been an immense help to know exactly how to answer selection criteria and what details to include in a cover letter/resume, and I’ve learned things I can also use for future applications. Shortly after  Rhiannon’s editing, I managed to get a full time clinical role! A testament to her knack for polishing applications.” Natalie


“In preparation for a job application, I asked Rhiannon to review my application for a higher level position, and provide a coaching session for interviewing skills. Rhiannon identified and highlighted strengths in me that I didn’t even know I had – who would have thought employers would find this attractive? I implemented all of the comments and suggestions and not only landed an interview, but got the job! I would highly recommend as many sessions as you can!”

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