Eating Disorder Essentials for Health Professionals

Our 5-Day course provides a solid foundation to enable you to successfully recognise and treat a range of eating disorders. This comprehensive eating disorders course is in line with the latest thinking from a range of psychological approaches. You will learn practical and effective skills that will enable you to engage with clients and offer them constructive help to recover from their eating disorder.

26 Aug • Karstens • NSW
On The Shoulders of Giants: Inaugural Chris O’Brien AO Symposium

The 10-year anniversary of the death of Professor Chris O’Brien AO will be commemorated with an inaugural symposium that brings some of the ‘giants’ of Head and Neck Cancer treatment from around the world to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

28 Jun • Chris O'Brien Lifehouse • NSW
The Non-Diet Approach for Dietitians: Newcastle 2019 Workshops

The Non-Diet Approach is a practice framework built within the Health At Every Size ® paradigm, with a strong social justice foundation. Day 1 of the workshop covers the evidence base, philosophical principles and practice framework. On Day 2 we explore social justice both as an idea, and as a practice & how it intersects with Non Diet Approach-based care. Starting off with definition of terms, we’ll dig into some of the nuance & complexity of promoting equity & justice for all bodies in a culture which can make this really tough! We’ll offer not only our own experience, but provide you with a ton of resources you can explore in your own time to more deeply embed these ideas into your practice.

21 Nov • The Place Charlestown • NSW
The RAVES Eating Model – Supporting Sustainable Dietary Change

Do you want to advance your practice in eating disorders, the non diet approach, sports nutrition or chronic disease? Join Shane Jeffrey, developer of the RAVES Eating Model for this 2 day workshop on RAVES and its application for the nutritional management of Eating Disorders, Non Diet Approach, Sports Nutrition and Chronic Disease in the outpatient setting.

21 Jun • Sydney • NSW