ANZAED 2018 Conference

The 16th annual conference of the ​Australia & New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders theme is Courageous Conversations: Furthering …

3 Aug • Melbourne • Australia • NSW
Working Effectively with Common Childhood Eating Challenges: An Introduction to the Satter Feeding Dynamics Model

A one-day workshop for health professionals working with parents who present with common concerns about their child’s eating, growth and/or nutrition. This workshop introduces participants to a practical understanding of the Satter Feeding Dynamics Model (fdSatter) and illustrates how children develop eating competence to assist participants work effectively with common childhood eating challenges.

7 Apr • Crows Nest Centre 2 Ernest Place Crows Nest NSW 2065 • NSW
2 Day Eating Disorder and Obesity Prevention Facilitator Course: Body Project & Project Health

ACFED are proud to offer this course with the permission of Dr Eric Stice at the Oregon Research Institute. The two interventions covered in our two-day course: Body Project & Project Health, have been developed and used at Stanford University, the University of Texas at Austin, and Oregon Research Institute. The interventions are the outgrowth of a 16-year program of research on the risk factors for eating disorders by Dr Stice’s research team.

29 Nov • Karstens • NSW
5 Day Eating Disorder Essentials for Health Professionals

Our 5-Day course provides a solid foundation to enable you to successfully recognise and treat a range of eating disorders. This comprehensive eating disorders course is in line with the latest thinking from a range of psychological approaches. You will learn practical and effective skills that will enable you to engage with clients and offer them constructive help to recover from their eating disorder.

20 Aug • Karstens • NSW
An evening with Mary Flynn – Sydney

Nutrition Australia invites dietitians working in the oncology sector to discover the latest research on …

9 May • University of Sydney, Drawing Room, Level 3, Holme Building • NSW
Making SENSE of Mealtimes

Presented by Gillian Griffiths, Occupational Therapist, and Dr Denise Stapleton, APD, authors of the book “Sense-ational Mealtimes”.
This workshop explores how neuroscience, sensory processing, attachment theory, trauma, pain and stress impact family interactions, nutritional intake and behaviour in infants and children during mealtimes. You will experience ‘therapeutic’ processes throughout the workshop (including a demonstration of the “Mealtimes Matter” Parent Group) and will be equipped with extensive resources to make a meaningful difference to the everyday lives of families.

31 Oct • UNSW John B Reid Theatre, AGSM Building • NSW
Paediatric Dietetics in Everyday Clinical Practice

The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead is hosting a dietetics update day focusing on nutrition management within the clinical areas of general medicine, respiratory, and gastroenterology. The program covers the fundamentals of patient care and nutrition in these areas. The content will be applicable for a wide range of dietetic patients who are seen in the community and general hospital settings.

22 Jun • The Children's Hospital at Westmead • NSW
Motivational Interviewing 1: Core Skills & Spirit

A one day workshop for health professionals providing the essential introductory core skills and knowledge for providing effective behaviour change counselling in the form of Motivational Interviewing

1 Nov • Crows Nest Centre NSW 2065 • NSW
Motivational Interviewing 2: The Power of Process & Change Talk

This workshop is designed to take practitioner’s Motivational Interviewing skills to the next level by affirming and extending on attendees’ developing MI skill base. Attendees will be guided through the Four Processes of MI which scaffold the behaviour change counselling process into distinct stages with specific tasks and tools.

2 Nov • Crows Nest Centre NSW 2065 • NSW
Understanding Professional Boundaries: Working Sustainably & Ethically with Clients in Contemporary Dietetic Practice

This workshop will facilitate the exploration of a variety of issues that can challenge a Dietitian’s professional boundaries when working with clients experiencing complex issues in contemporary practice. These include eating disorders, poor mental health and chronic multimorbidity. Content will cover essential knowledge and practices to reduce risk of boundary violations and enhance the sustainability of trainees work by describing practical strategies for improved self-care.

28 Sep • Crows Nest Centre NSW 2065 • NSW