Ever thought about email marketing as an actual relationship between you and the receiver? When used right, it’s a useful tool that can help you connect, give value and share your message. In this podcast, we talk to Glenn Mackintosh about how you can use email to connect with your clients; how it compares to social media; the importance of email marketing in your business and how it best keeps you in control of the message.

About Glenn:
Glenn Mackintosh is the Founder of Weight Management Psychology and resident psychologist on The Biggest Loser (Australia). Glenn has authored a number of self-help resources and also features in TV and radio media regularly. Glenn’s passion is in helping people manage their eating, physical activity, weight, and body-image; he also trains other professionals in this area through his sold-out professional workshops and online courses.

Email marketing is an essential tool for Glenn and his team for connecting with their audience, developing relationships and ultimately driving referrals and sales.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why email is so effective and how it compares to social media
  • How to use email marketing to build relationships and connect with your clients
  • An email marketing campaign case study from Glenn
  • Why it’s important to know your email audience
  • How you can use this savvy tool to grow your business, gain new clients and provide a value-add to your existing clients.


  • Conversion: usually described as a percentage (%), refers to the number of people who have  completed your goal action e.g. purchased a product or made an appointment
  • Email funnel: an automatic series of emails that guide your clients toward an action – like a journey they step through and should start with a free element (e.g.  free Ebook)

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