Who’s heard that packing lunch is good for both our health and our bank account? Before your next take-away lunch, consider these four pros of bringing your lunch to work:
1: Save money. Preparing simple, healthy and fresh meals at home is often cheaper than purchasing a take-away meal for lunch every day.
2: Know what’s in your lunch. If you’re preparing it from scratch, you’ll know exactly what you’ve added. If you’re buying out, chances are there will be more in your meal than what you can see.
3: Ownership over your health. When you prepare your own meals, you learn about food: where it comes from, how to cook it, how to flavour it and how to enjoy it.
4: Avoid decision fatigue. Having your healthy meal prepped and ready to go means you won’t need to make a decision later!

Bottom line: Eating out is a wonderful experience, especially in the company of loved ones. You get to experience new flavours and try new cuisine. It can be a regular occasion, but getting into the habit of making your meals on “standard days” is a good habit to get into.

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