Do You Need To Learn More About The Low FODMAP Diet?

Joe Leech from DietvsDisease is running a promotion for health professionals ready to up-skill in the area of food intolerance and the low FODMAP diet.

DC members pay half price for the elimination course (click here) or reintroduction course (click here) — they also count towards assessed CPD points in Aus, as well as formal CPD in the UK and and CCP points for Canadians.

The ‘3-Week FODMAP Elimination Breakthrough’ is for beginner’s who need to learn about the FODMAP elimination phase. The ’10-Week FODMAP Reintroduction Masterplan’ is all about re-challenging and reintroducing FODMAPs back into the diet.

**Note that prices are in USD and not AUD.

Dietitian Connection receives a small referral fee, which is used to improve the Dietitian Connection website and services for members.

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