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Quandong. Finger Lime. Kakadu Plum.

For most Australians, these aren’t words that come to mind when talking superfoods, but thanks to Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist, and founder of The Australian Superfood Co, Hayley Blieden (BNutDiet, M.B.A.), this is all about to change.

Since establishing The Australian Superfood Co, Hayley’s desire to bring these age-old native ingredients to our pantries has become a reality. With products that feature some of the most nourishing and nutritionally powerful superfoods globally, Australia is reaping the benefits in more ways than one. So how did this all come about?

From The Outback To Our Shelves

For Hayley, the concept awakened when she was just a student. Recognising the influx of exotic superfoods – Goji this and Quinoa that – she began thinking, “what does Australia have to offer?”

…the answer would be a game changer.

An eye-opening voyage through Alice Springs and Uluru would reveal to her a world of native superfoods as vast as the Aussie outback itself. Unfortunately however, the rare flavours of bush tucker and their superfood status were not all that she discovered.

It was brought to her attention that many of these remote aboriginal communities were challenged by poor health fuelled by a lack of fresh produce consumption. How was it that in a land so naturally rich in nourishment, they had become subject to processed, fast food in place of the delectable sustenance of traditional bush tucker?

Through these encounters and her unstoppable drive for change, came a new initiative for Hayley. And thus, The Australian Superfood Co was founded – a brand that not only brings these native superfoods to your pantry in the form of scrumptious raw snack bars, nutritional powders and natural dried fruits, but which works to promote the growth of aboriginal communities, benefiting our country culturally, economically and nutritionally (and let’s not forget, deliciously).

The Source Of Change 

The Australian Superfood Co is on a mission to generate sustainability through, increased employment and improved education in these aboriginal communities and at the source of it all is the Wadeye community. The Wadeye community is located a one hour flight outside of Darwin and has a current employment rate of only 4%.

Teaming up with the Palngun Wurnangat Association, TASC are working towards creating a halt in this ongoing pattern of poverty, poor health and oppression – and let’s just say they’re kicking butt!

The Women’s Centre recently purchased the patents to process these native super fruits, of which only indigenous people are allowed to collect and sell. Over 200 community members now have seasonal employment, and they are only allowed to sell the fruits if their children are in school. In addition to financial support, this long-term solution is taking the community ‘back to the land’, celebrating their culture, educating their children and fostering a positive change.

So What Are These Hero Ingredients, And Why Are They So ‘Super’? 

With sweet and sour aromas, Quandong has twice the vitamin C of an orange. 5.2 times more potent than the blueberry and jam-packed with antiseptic properties, you could say the Kakadu Plum is the ‘superman’ of superfoods.

Home grown and all natural, these distinguishing flavours and nourishing properties also feature alike in the following:

•Davidson Plum



•Lemon Myrtle


Setting out to create something honest and wholesome, Hayley has truly done so. Giving back to the community, all the while providing clean, convenient and responsible products, it can be said that her unique path in the world of dietetics is quickly catching fire.

For further details on these native ingredients and products, feast your eyes at and discover the world of bush tucker with a twist.

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