Unpacking what isn’t commonly known about bolus feeding

Date & Time
Continuing Education (USA)
Duration1 hour
CPEUs Awarded1.0
Performance Indicators8.1.2, 8.2.1, 10.5.5
About the webinar:

Take a deep dive into the world of bolus feeding in our webinar “Unpacking what isn’t commonly known about bolus feeding” with dietitian Lina Breik. In this webinar you’ll explore a broad range of topics including transitioning patients from continuous to bolus feeding, the benefits and potential complications that can arise and how to determine the best nutritional supplement choice. Plus, Lina provides practical tips to devise a tube exit plan and tools needed to deliver best patient care.


About the speaker:

Lina Breik is the Founding Lead Dietitian at Tube Dietitian, a community-based home enteral nutrition service that aims to bridge the gap between hospital and home for people with feeding tubes. She is also currently pursuing a PhD in home tube feeding investigating the experiences and challenges of adults living with a feeding tube. After a decade of clinical nutrition experience across various hospitals in Victoria, Lina has now found her passion which is to improve the quality of life for individuals with feeding tubes through providing personalized nutrition support and education in the comfort of their home. She is a dedicated healthcare professional with a thirst for connecting with dietitian colleagues from all walks of the profession, so don’t forget to connect with her on social media.




US dietitians: 1.0 CE from CDR.
CPD/CEU hours are applicable for Australia and New Zealand dietitians.
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