Paediatric Symposium: Navigating nutrition in infants and children

Are you a private practice or hospital dietitian who works with infants and children? Then you won’t want to miss this Paediatric Symposium: Navigating nutrition in infants and children. Join this highly-requested event to learn about the latest updates and evidence in infant and children nutrition including:

  • What’s in infant & specialty formulas and why with Dr Janet Green
  • The evolving evidencing on HMOs and butyrate in the infant gut with Emeritus Professor Geoff Cleghorn
  • The dynamic world of paediatric feeding therapy with Dr Brooke Harcourt
  • Challenges experienced when transitioning from hospital to home tube feeding with Dr Fiona Arrowsmith



Infant & specialty formulas: What’s in them & why?

Dr Janet Green is a highly qualified nurse academic and adviser who will unravel the latest evidence, updates and expert recommendations regarding infant and specialty formulas. Beginning with an overview of breast milk composition, Janet will take a closer look at the NHMRC Infant Feeding Guidelines and Australian regulatory standards for infant formulas. You’ll learn the differences between standard and premium infant formulas, and the role of specialty formulas in managing common feeding problems like lactose intolerance, reflux and cow’s milk protein allergy.

Dr Janet Green is a Senior Lecturer and the Coordinator for the Graduate Programs in Children’s Nursing, Neonatal Nursing and Clinical Teaching in the Faculty of Health, at the University of Technology Sydney. Janet has qualifications in Midwifery, Lactation, Neonatal intensive care, Paediatric intensive care, and Child and family health – Tresillian. Janet has many years’ experience as a neonatal nurse, and has retained strong ties to the clinical community. She continues to practice as a neonatal nurse. Janet holds Masters Degrees in Nursing Education, Bioethics and E-Learning. Her PhD explored the ethical issues surrounding caring for extremely premature babies. She is currently completing the final stages of a Doctor of Education degree, and is the Nurse Adviser to the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC).

The evolving world of HMOs and butyrate in the infant gut

Delve into the latest evidence on Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs) in this presentation by Emeritus Professor Geoff Cleghorn, an esteemed Paediatric Gastroenterologist. HMOs can provide a variety of benefits to infants including supporting a microbiota closer to that of breast-fed infants. Professor Cleghorn will discuss developmental benefits including gut, immune and overall health. Additionally, the presentation will explore new evidence regarding the influence of short chain fatty acids in HMOs, especially butyrate, on gut health and overall wellbeing.

Professor Geoff Cleghorn has over 3 decades’ experience as an active clinician within the discipline of paediatrics and paediatric gastroenterology and as such is highly placed to communicate and facilitate research collaborations across the breadth of paediatrics

Nourishing fussy eaters: Building blocks for feeding success

Step into the dynamic world of paediatric feeding therapy with leading paediatric dietitian, Dr Brooke Harcourt. Achieving nutritional adequacy and ensuring optimum growth is an essential step in establishing any feeding therapy intervention in children.  In this presentation, Brooke will expertly navigate the principles of meeting nutritional requirements by prioritising preferred foods, discuss methods of food fortification, and explore both traditional and innovative uses of oral nutritional supplements. You’ll leave with evidence-backed insights to set your clients up for success.

Dr Brooke Harcourt is an approachable Accredited Practicing Dietitian and nutrition therapist with over a decade of experience in infant and child nutrition and metabolism conditions. She is nationally and internationally recognised for her medical research into endocrine conditions having completed research fellowships at the UQ Translational Research Institute, Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, the Royal Children’s Hospital and Murdoch Childrens Research Institute. Brooke now has a large private practice, Family Dietetics, and a specialised ‘Therapy Kitchen’, where her and the team take a practical approach to attainable nutrition through feeding therapy and food learning programs in a real kitchen therapy environment, and dietetics services at specialist paediatric centres, eating disorder services and the Victorian Department of Corrections and Youth Justice System. 

Transitioning paediatric tube feeding from hospital to home

Join paediatric dietitian, Dr Fiona Arrowsmith, as she draws from her extensive experience in paediatric tube feeding to explore some of the common challenges that infants and children and their carers experience when transitioning from hospital to home care. Fiona will share valuable insights so you can learn to confidently assess and manage the needs of tube-fed infants and children. Fiona will also shed light on the distinctions between tube feeding regimens in hospital and home settings, so you can navigate these differences seamlessly. Finally, learn how dietitians can successfully establish a comprehensive community-based multidisciplinary support team beyond the hospital environment.

Dr Fiona Arrowsmith is a dietitian specialising in paediatrics, and has previously worked at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead for 22 years. More recently, Fiona has moved solely into private practice working with a wide variety of clients, including infants and children who are tube fed.


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