Coffee & health: What’s new?

About the webinar:

Wake up and smell the coffee! From the gut and the brain to the immune system, research reveals there’s a kettle-full of new ways coffee can impact our clients’ health. In this webinar, Dr Flavia Fayet-Moore and Dr Carlene Starck will revisit the distinction between coffee and caffeine and delve into the emerging evidence on the health effects of this beloved brew. The role of genetics in how each person may respond to coffee will also be covered, including when sipping on that cuppa may be contraindicated.  


About the speakers:

Dr. Flavia Fayet-Moore (Dr. Flav) is a Brazilian-born, Canadian-raised, Australian-made scientist, dietitian, space nutritionist and entrepreneur. She believes that science, technology, and creativity can go a long way in solving some of the problems we face globally in health and wellbeing, and has dedicated her 20+ year career to performing and translating nutrition research which makes a public health impact. As founder and CEO of Nutrition Research Australia, she leads game-changing research, education and communication that provides strategic and meaningful impact. As co-founder of Food is Cool, she is on a mission to increase access to evidence-based nutrition education for the early years to help everyone have a positive relationship with food for life.




Dr Carlene Starck is a metabolic biochemist (PhD) and nutrition scientist with a key focus on the relationship between food, health, and wellness. Carlene’s background includes academic, medical, and industry research, as well as science communication, in a wide range of areas. Her interest lies in the interaction between nutrients – macro, micro, and phyto-nutrients – and our biochemical pathways, including neurological, endocrinological, and metabolic, influencing our mood, psychology, cognitive function, and hormonal health, to name but a few. Carlene’s goal is to share the science of nutrition in a way that provides people with the knowledge and empowerment they need to navigate the complicated world of ‘the diet’, leading to a balanced, healthy, and inspired relationship with food.




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