If you haven’t met Susie Burrell in person, you’ll certainly have seen her on breakfast TV, or read one of her many online articles, or listened to her podcast, or viewed her posts on social media. She’s achieved a lot in her 20+ year career – and she’s not done yet. Tune in to this engaging episode where Susie reveals what she loves most about being a dietitian, from the deep connections with clinical clients to navigating the highs and lows of mainstream media.

Hosted by Brooke Delfino


Susie Burrell is known for her expertise in food, eating behaviour, and weight management. She holds degrees in Nutrition & Dietetics and Psychology, as well as a Masters in Coaching Psychology. Susie has worked as a paediatric dietitian, a sports dietitian for elite teams, and has been the resident dietitian on Channel 7’s Sunrise for 12 years. Currently, she co-hosts the successful podcast, The Nutrition Couch with Leanne Ward, and consults remotely, specialising in weight management for peri-menopausal women. She’s also a busy mum of twin boys, a secret Lego lover and always has a good book and TV series on the go.


In this episode, we discuss:

  • Susie’s expansive career journey from paediatrics to elite sports nutrition, to food industry, media and podcasting
  • Why continued clinical practice is essential to Susie, despite her broad media presence
  • How she balances being business-savvy with genuine empathy
  • The future of dietetics and the essential skills dietitians need to thrive

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