Healthy sun exposure, exercise and an informed diet plays a key role in combating low vitamin D levels through the winter months. In this podcast, we hear from Dr Joanna McMillan as she delves into the data that reveals the important role the humble egg can play in boosting vitamin D levelsBacked by her wealth of experience in clinical practice, Dr Jo also shares her insights into the many benefits of adequate vitamin D intake for bones, kidneys, brain and immune function, and touches on the risks vs. benefits of vitamin D supplementation.



Dr Joanna McMillan has become one of Australia’s favourite and best-known nutrition and lifestyle specialists. She is a PhD qualified nutrition scientist, Accredited Practising Dietitian, Adjunct Senior Research Fellow with La Trobe University, guest lecturer at The University of Sydney and a Fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine. As a keynote and TEDx speaker, Joanna travels Internationally. She is a popular health presenter and a regular on television and radio for almost 20 years. Joanna is an accomplished author of eight books, including the latest The Feel-Good Family Food Plan (Murdoch Books, 2020), and has written and narrated a series of Audible Originals, including Mindfull, What to Eat for a Better Brain, released May 2022.


In this episode, we discuss:

  • The many forms, functions and benefits of Vitamin D 
  • How to balance healthy sun exposure with sun safety for Vitamin D adequacy 
  • Why eggs are the newly recognised VIP when it comes to Vitamin D intake
  • Practical advice for meeting Vitamin D requirements

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