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 Guest biography

Hayley is a Dietitian-to-be, studying The Masters of Dietetics at The University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. Hayley holds a bachelor’s degree in Health Science, which she completed at The University of Queensland in 2014.

Hayley is also the DAA student representative for the 2015 Masters of Dietetics cohort at The University of Queensland.

Prior to her studies, Hayley was a member of the Royal Australian Air Force. Now, Hayley is passionate about Sports Dietetics, particularly with regards to providing evidence-based nutrition programs to body builders.

In this episode, we discuss:

– The beginning of Hayley’s nutrition journey and how this stemmed from working in the military.

– A little about Hayley’s previous career before studying health science.

– Hayley’s role as DAA student representative in 2015.

– ’Re-defining the role of a dietitian’ and Hayley’s career aspirations

– Hayley’s tips for success: organisation, drive and making sacrifices.

– Hayley’s career mission: evidence based nutrition in the field of body building and body recomposition.

– Find what you are very passionate about and display that to people.

– The leaders and mentors in Hayley’s professional life.

– Future plans for Hayley: maximising health and performance in body building competitors with an evidence-based approach.

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