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Leanne Ward is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, Accredited Nutritionist and provisional Sports Dietitian.

She currently works as a clinical Dietitian in Brisbane and concurrently runs two extremely successful social media sites using Instagram and Facebook.

Online, Leanne is known as The Fitness Dietitian; wherein she shares her passion for health and nutrition with her fan base of 109 000 followers. Her fan base is rapidly expanding, particularly with the recent release of her new website!

In addition to her Masters in Dietetics, Leanne also holds a Graduate Certificate in Public Health.

Leanne, aka The Fitness Dietitian, joins us to discuss her social media success and to provide you with the tools to get creative and get your voice out there.


In this episode, we discuss:


– Why leanne decided to get into social media after seeing so much misinformation out there!

– A brief timeline of Leanne’s social media journey: from Facebook to Instagram and now her brand new website.

– Why Leanne is so passionate about having more qualified dietitians in the social media sphere.

– The overall aims of The Fitness Dietitian and her motto: Sweat, Nourish, Discover.

– How Leanne deals with conflict on social media and her advice for you!

– The three most important characteristics of a dietitian in the media: be honest, be authentic and be open.

– The lessons Leanne has learnt since beginning her social media journey.

– Who Leanne admires and how we can learn from this.

– Leanne’s tips for getting into social media: stay up to date with health trends and just do it!


Additional resources


Click here for The Fitness Dietitian Website

Click here for Leanne’s Facebook page: The Fitness Dietitian

Search: the_fitness_dietitian on Instagram or click here.




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