Rachel Hawkins is on a mission to shake up the healthcare industry. Through her podcast, Naked Chats, 6-week online course, Gramtini, and other online resources, Rachel helps allied health professionals navigate the ups and downs of building a successful virtual clinic. After struggling to find her feet when she first graduated from university, Rachel has now found her ‘why’ in helping business owners in the healthcare space manage marketing overwhelm. In this podcast, DC’s Kate Agnew chats to Rachel about leveraging Instagram, including why getting started is the hardest but greatest thing you can do, and how to avoid falling into the comparison trap. Rachel also touches on her biggest learnings, the mentors that helped shape her career path and what gives meaning to her day-to-day. Plus, Rachel shares the key values that underpin her business: empathy, connection and, interestingly, disruption.


Rachel Hawkins is a Dietitian turned online marketing strategist and margarita enthusiast, helping health professionals reach more people, have more impact, and achieve game-changing results in their businesses. She connects with, and helps, thousands of health care professionals through her chart-topping podcast “Naked Chats” and online course “Gramtini.” Rachel has, so far, walked a very interesting journey as a dietitian – with many light bulb moments and lessons learned. Today on the podcast, we’re talking about her story, her work and a purpose we at DC share with Rachel: inspiring and empowering health professionals to realise their dreams.


In this episode, we discuss:

  • What led Rachel to stepping away from dietetics
  • Rachel’s organic start on Instagram
  • How and why Rachel turned Instagram into a profitable marketing tool
  • The biggest mistakes Rachel sees online
  • The mistakes Rachel has made and the lessons she learnt from them


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