Chris Brady was a fit, healthy, hard-working exercise physiologist until five months ago when his life changed drastically within a five-day period. Chris was diagnosed with tongue cancer in a dentist appointment, and quickly went from being a clinician to a patient. In this podcast, Chris explains how the dietitians in his treatment team were far more than just a resource to help him with his food intake. We’re also joined by one of his dietitians, Teresa Brown who touches on her experience working with oncology patients and highlights the pivotal role of dietitians throughout all stages of the cancer process.


Teresa Brown is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian, Assistant Director of Nutrition and Dietetics at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, who has worked for many years in oncology and completed her PhD in the field of nutrition for patients with head and neck cancer

Chris Brady is a Specialist Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist who has worked in the area of gymnastics, acrobatics, and circus, as well being the physio for a variety of national sporting teams. He has spent the last decade travelling with Australia’s premier motorsport team, Red Bull Racing Australia. Chris has first hand experience as an oncology patient having recently completed treatment (surgery and radiotherapy) for cancer of the tongue.


In this episode, we discuss:

  • Chris’ cancer journey from diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation and recovery
  • How Chris’ nutritional plan changed throughout his treatment plan
  • How Chris rediscovered his love for food after losing his sense of taste
  • Chris’ tips for dietitians working with oncology patients
  • Teresa’s top resources for oncology dietitians


Additional resources

Evidence practice guidelines for the nutrition management of cancer cachexia

Evidence practice guidelines for the nutrition management of radiotherapy and chemotherapy

Evidence practice guidelines for the nutrition management of head and neck cancer

COSA Position Statement – Cancer related malnutrition and sarcopenia


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