Join dietitian, Sharon Natoli, for a deep dive into the crucial role of choline in cholesterol and fat metabolism, neurotransmitter production and cell membrane health. Up to 60% of pregnant women in Australia fall short on this essential nutrient (1), and in this episode, Sharon looks at why the humble egg can help bridge this nutritional gap. You’ll learn what choline is and why it’s so important for our pregnant and breastfeeding clients, as well as the latest guidelines on eggs, food safety and introducing allergens to infants. Plus, we deliver a carton-full of culinary egg-spiration, with delicious ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. 

Hosted by Brooke Delfino



Sharon Natoli is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and the Founding Director of Food & Nutrition Australia (est. 1997). She is a well respected nutrition advisor to some of Australia’s leading food companies and Research & Development Corporations. She is also the author of Food for a Better Future – a new direction for the global business of food (2018). Food & Nutrition Australia provides nutrition advisory services to the food sector, and is the nutrition service provider to Australian Eggs, a client they have worked with since 2004. Over the past 20 years, Food & Nutrition Australia dietitians have been instrumental in influencing the conversation and public health recommendations about the role of eggs in a healthy and balanced diet.


In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why choline is in the spotlight during pregnancy
  • Guidelines around egg food safety and introducing allergens
  • Delicious recipe inspiration with eggs


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  1. Estimated Choline Intakes and Dietary Sources of Choline in Pregnant Australian Women


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