Professor Liz Isenring  is a leading nutrition and dietetics academic, an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian who is currently working as a Professor of the Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics at Bond University. Professor Liz Isenring also founded, Linc Nutrition, with the aim to provide evidence-based and holistic wellness coaching so people can get back to enjoying life.

Prof. Liz Isenring is internationally recognised in the areas of oncology nutrition, nutrition in older adults, nutrition screening and assessment. In 2012, Prof. Liz Isenring received a DAA National Award of Merit for International Dietetic and Nutrition Terminology-related activities and, Internationally  has been recognised by several research awards and multiple invited conference presentations and visiting fellowships. Prof. Liz Isenring has led the development, and contributed to several sets of Australian and International evidence-based guidelines leading to improved nutrition care and greater than 100 peer-reviewed publications.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Prof. Liz Isenring journey, why she decided to become a dietitian and her research passions
  • Her current research in the area of oncology and malnutrition and how they are making promising changes in dining experience for the elderly
  • How Linc Nutrition started, and her visions for this space
  • How to use creative ideas to improve nutrition outcomes
  • The critical role innovation plays in solving health problems
  • What Prof. Liz Isenring believes dietitians are doing well, any what we can improve on
  • How Flavour Creations is making innovative nutritional changes to healthcare, and improving patients experiences
  • How we break through and make changes in a complex healthcare system
  • What the major barriers are to innovation in the field of nutrition in dieteteics

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