How to leave a rating and review for the Dietitian Connection Podcast on Apple Podcasts

On a desktop computer:

1. Click here to launch Apple Podcasts or search ‘Dietitian Connection Podcast’ in Apple Podcasts and click on the Dietitian Connection Podcast logo.


If your internet browser prompts you with a pop up message, select ‘open’ or ‘launch application’.

2.  In Apple Podcasts, scroll down to the ‘Ratings and Reviews’ section and click ‘Write a review’

3. Select the number of stars (rating), type in a title (summary of your review) and leave a comment. Then click ‘Save’.

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On an iPhone/iPad:

1. Open the ‘Podcasts’ app – this can be downloaded for free from the app store.


2.  Tap ‘Search’ at the bottom right and type in ‘Dietitian Connection podcast’. Tap the podcast logo.


3. Tap ‘Reviews’


4.  Tap ‘Write a review’


5. You will be prompted to type in your Apple ID password.

6. Select the number of stars (rating), type your name in and write a comment. Then tap ‘Send’.

Note: the name you use needs to be unique in order for your review to be processed.

We appreciate your feedback!

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