Have you ever wondered why women are more likely to report mood changes and gut complaints such as bloating, especially as they age? Is it irritable bowel syndrome, hormones… or something else? Tune into this fascinating conversation with Accredited Practising Dietitian Chloe McLeod to unravel the complex relationship between hormones and gut health, and what strategies dietitians can use to help women nurture their gut health, from the inside out.


Chloe McLeod is an expert at helping her clients bridge the gaps in their nutrition, so they can be their healthiest selves. Chloe is currently Founder of nutrition consultancy, Verde Nutrition Co. Having previously led multiple successful businesses in the nutrition space, Chloe was also Head of Nutrition at the Parramatta Eels National Rugby League team for 5 seasons. She is part of the Vida Glow Skin Professional Panel, and is currently an ambassador for The Gut Foundation, as well as working with multiple individuals and businesses (such as Qantas, Atlassian and Cobram Estate), all with the focus on helping achieve specific outcomes, through optimising nutrition. Chloe’s diverse experience across these areas of nutrition is unmatched.


In this episode, we discuss:

  • How gut health impacts a woman’s overall health and wellbeing 
  • The link between stress and gut health 
  • How hormonal fluctuations affect gut health 
  • Key nutrients and gut-friendly foods for pre- and post-menopause 

This podcast is not, and is not intended to be, medical advice, which should be tailored to your individual circumstances. This podcast is for your information only, and we advise that you exercise your own judgment before deciding to use the information provided. Professional medical advice should be obtained before taking action.  Please see here for terms and conditions.



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