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 Guest biography

Gemma Sampson is an Aussie dietitian who is currently working overseas in Liverpool, in the UK. Her current position is senior research and development dietitian for a company called Vitaflo.

Online, Gemma is known as Dietitian Without Borders. Through her social media accounts and blog, Dietitian Without Borders shares her passion for eating well, keeping active and living a healthy and happy life with her online community.

In this episode, we discuss:

– The beginning of Gemma’s overseas journey.

– Some specifics on how to start your overseas journey.

– Gemma’s work in protein metabolism disorders.

– Dietitian without borders blog: practical nutrition mixed with Gemma’s love for creating recipes and an active lifestyle!

– Some advice from Gemma: prioritise your activities, work out where your gaps are and be creative when it comes to fitting exercise and blogging in.

– The future for Dietitian Without Borders.

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