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Did you know that nutrition around conception and during pregnancy can affect a child’s lifelong health? Or that a little one’s diet in their first two years of life can do the same? This is called the ‘first thousand days’ phenomenon, which we explore in this episode with dietitian and Early Life Nutrition Alliance CEO, Melanie McGrice. In this Q&A-style episode, Melanie will explain what dietitians need to know when working with patients who want to fall or are already pregnant. How can nutrition impact egg quality? Does diet affect pregnancy complications? And what role does nutrition play when multiple babies are on the way? Listen to find out!  



Melanie McGrice is an Australian Advanced Accredited Practicing Dietitian with over 20 years of experience and the founder of the Early Life Nutrition Alliance. Her success led to her being awarded the coveted Australian Dietitian of the Year award in 2018, and has made her an in-demand practitioner, researcher, author, and speaker. Melanie’s professional network is extensive. She has been a senior media spokesperson for Dietitians Australia for more than a decade and she’s served on multiple boards, including the Board of Dietitians Australia and the Early Life Nutrition Coalition. While Melanie’s interest for working in early life nutrition somewhat stemmed from personal reasons, her passion grew when she understood the difference diet can make to the epigenetics of our babies.


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