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 Guest biography

Michele Pink is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with 20 years’ experience working as a dietitian. Michele has worked in a number of private practices across Melbourne, at the Royal Children’s Hospital and has been a consultant to both the pharmaceutical and food industry. She has held various roles in sales, marketing, and management.

Michele is the founder of ‘Good Health Nutrition and Dietetics,’ a private practice she commenced in 2012. Here, Michele developed a special interest in weight management.

Now, Michele works as a consultant dietitian to Nestle Health Science and is passionate about understanding the science behind various weight loss diets and aims to use evidence based recommendations to achieve weight loss goals.


In this episode of the Dietitians into Business Series, we discuss:

– How Michele balances her work schedule, family life and calisthenics coaching.

– Michele’s work with Optifast and her keen interest in VLCDs for weightloss.

– Michele’s career advice: never stop learning, take opportunities and keep up with nutrition news.

– Michele’s experience as a sales rep in the pharmaceutical industry and how this gave her business skills.

– The start of ‘Good Health Nutrition and Dietetics’ and the steps she took to start her business.

– Michele’s presentations to schools, workplaces and conferences.

– How Michele deals with challenges and how planning and organisation contributes to her success.

– Michele’s business tips for you and how to create and/or take advantage of opportunities.



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