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Guest biography

In 1999, Ben was awarded the first Nestlé Fellowship in Sports Nutrition at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra. Since this time Ben has also worked for the British Olympic Team, the Australian Institute of Sport Cricket Centre of Excellence, in Brisbane, as well as completing a PhD in sports nutrition.

Ben’s research expertise includes:

Applied sports and clinical nutrition research,

The effect of nutrition and ergogenic aids on performance and

Food-borne drug research (specifically caffeine and alcohol)

Ben is currently the Nutrition Unit leader within the Research Centre for Health Practice Innovation, which is part of the Menzies Health Institute Queensland.


In this episode of the Dietetic Researcher Series, we discuss:

– Ben’s career background and where his passion for research began.

– Ben’s fascinating research on caffeine and it’s applicability in practice.

– Ben’s research around the ‘hangover safe beer’ and his appearance on television in 2015.

– The various aspects of Ben’s academic role which includes teaching, supervising students and the ‘hands on’ lab work.

– The importance of having a positive attitude and working hard in his research role.

– Ben’s mentors and the methods he uses to lead his students to achieve excellence in their work.

– Producing health outcomes, creating health efficiencies and demonstrating our unique skills to create future opportunities for dietitians.


Additional resources

Click here to visit Ben’s ResearchGate profile


[The guest interviewee did not receive any financial or in kind remuneration for appearing on this podcast.]



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