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Guest biography

Zoe Thomson is a Dietitian To Be, studying the Master’s of Dietetics at The University of Queensland. In 2014, she received her Bachelor Degree in Health Science from The University of Queensland.

Currently, Zoe holds a Research Assistant position within the University of Queensland. She is concurrently completing a research scholarship in the field of public health.

Zoe’s research interests include probiotics and the microbiome as well as weight loss treatments, particularly for woman who have undergone treatment for breast cancer. Zoe is passionate about extending the evidence base around the neural and hormonal components of patients with obesity, particularly pre-menopausal women. She is hoping to start her PhD in this area after graduating from the Masters of Dietetics.


In this episode of the Experiences of a Student Dietitian Series, we discuss:

– Zoe’s research scholarship in the field of public health and her Research Assistant position working on a breast cancer study.

– Zoe’s ‘research bug’ and how this informed her future career aspirations.

– The opportunities Zoe has taken advantage of and how you can do the same.

– The rewarding aspects of being involved in extra dietetic related activities outside of the classroom. Zoe also provides tips on how to get more involved.

– The importance of organisation for juggling studies and extra activities.

– The mentors and leaders in Zoe’s professional life.


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