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Guest biography

Tara Diversi is a down-to-earth speaker, award-winning writer, teacher and entrepreneur. In the past, she has been a professional athlete, specialist dietitian, counselor, executive coach and director of a successful business. Tara is currently the Assistant Professor of Nutrition & Dietetics at Bond University, a PhD candidate and has commenced a new job wherein she facilitates entrepreneur programs for youth.

 In this episode, we discuss:

• Tara’s new role – encouraging youth to become entrepreneurs through coaching, networking and inspiring innovation

• The best time to start your own business [this will surprise you!]

• What is blue ocean strategy and how it applies to dietitians

• Doing dietetics in a way that aligns with your strengths

• Working to your strengths

• The ‘qualifications to art’ pyramid and the three E’s

• Safe income, art income and freedom income and why it needs to add up to more than 100% of your time

Additional resources

Read more about Blue Ocean Strategy

Search for: Nudge by Richard Thaler

Webinar recording: Leveraging your expertise to create additional income streams by Tara Diversi





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