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Zoe Nicholson is one of Australia’s leading dietitians; she is the founder and senior dietitian at figureate, a full-time dietetics practice specialising in the non-diet approach and food intolerance.

You may also know of Zoe as the co-founder of the Moderation Movement, or perhaps you’ve seen her in the media or at a professional development workshop. She’s also a member of several DAA special interest groups. Zoe is on the show today to discuss The Moderation Movement, her work and her mission as a dietitian.

 Hosted by Kate Agnew, we discuss:

– The beginning of Zoe’s career and what sparked her interest in dietetics.

– The Moderation Movement and how it began.

– Zoe’s food philosophy, the Non-Diet Approach and mindfulness.

– Health at Every Size (HAES)

– The steps you can take if you’re interested in adopting moderation principles and the Non-Diet Approach.

– Zoe discusses the ‘focus on weight’ as a barrier to intuitive eating and a Non-Diet based culture.

– Intuitive eating and what it means in her life and dietetics practice.

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