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Glenn Cardwell is an AdvAPD based in Perth, Australia. You may have already heard one of his episodes on this podcast or met or seen him present – he is an award winning professional speaker and author of multiple books. In the past, he has held positions in clinical dietetics, public health nutrition and as a lecturer.

Glenn is on the show today to share his journey, his sense of humour and of course give us some pearls of wisdom!

Hosted by Kate Agnew, we discuss:

– Work and life, according to Glenn Cardwell.

– Glenn’s experiences working with children in the burns unit.

– A few of the milestones in Glenn’s career: setting up Sports Dietetics in Australia and the School Canteen Association in Western Australia.

– How Glenn gains the attention of his audience when giving presentations.

– Glenn’s top tips for public speaking and delivering presentations:

Love your audience: walk into a room and be present

Turn it into a conversation

Present it as if you were at a dinner party

Tell stories that help illustrate your point and then deliver the facts

Allow people to ask questions and then emphasise your key points.

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