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Professor John Coveney is the Dean of the School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing at Flinders University, South Australia.

Earlier in his career, John worked in paediatric nutrition both in hospitals and public health. He has published more than 150 papers, sole-authored a number of books, such as “Food, Morals and Meaning” about the pleasure and anxiety of eating.

He has research and education interests in public health nutrition; history of food and health; food policy; and social and cultural factors that influence food patterns and food intake.


Hosted by Glen Cardwell, we discuss:


– The beginning of John’s career and the impact that mentorship had on his career.

– The beginning of John’s career in nutrition: from cook book reader to nutritionist to professor.

– John’s experiences in New Guinea and the lessons he learnt.

– Glenn and John’s experience in paediatric nutrition and how the field has evolved.

– Lessons from a duo of dedicated dietitians: walking a mile in their clients’ shoes.

– John’s journey through Cyprus, ancient medicine and its implications for dietetics.

– Regaining the centrality of food.

– Being critical of our practice, being inquisitive and ethical considerations for the future of dietetics.


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