Welcome to Episode 2 of ‘Elevate’ – our empowering 6-part podcast series designed to help dietitians stand out as leaders. In this episode, we are honoured to feature Karen Inge, a true trailblazer in the field of dietetics. Join us as we delve into Karen’s incredible career spanning 46 years, from being the first VFL/AFL club dietitian to the founding Head of Nutrition at the Victorian Institute of Sport. Karen shares her unique insights on pioneering sports nutrition, her passion for culinary nutrition and her extensive media work. Learn from her experiences and discover how you too can create a lasting legacy in dietetics.

Hosted by Brooke Delfino


Karen Inge is a leading dietitian, an award-winning author, a media commentator, and a pioneer in sports nutrition in Australia. Karen was the first VFL/AFL club dietitian; the founding Head of Nutrition at the Victorian Institute of Sport; the inaugural Vice President then President and Fellow of Sports Dietitians Australia; and the first dietitian Fellow of Sports Medicine Australia. In 2015, Karen was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of Monash University for her work in sports nutrition and named Deakin University Alumni of the Year 2018. Karen also has a passion for culinary nutrition and has worked extensively with major food producers and the hospitality industry to consider nutrition quality a priority. She is a Director and founder of the healthy food company Dineamic and an Ambassador for Fareshare, a food rescue organisation. Karen is also Director of St Vincent’s Institute (SVI) of Medical Research and Chair of the SVI Foundation.


In this episode, we discuss:

  • Karen’s inspirational career milestones and her many ‘firsts’ in dietetics
  • The impact of pioneering sports nutrition roles
  • How to engage with the public and establish a strong media presence
  • Strategies for making your voice heard
  • Opportunities and challenges for the future of the profession

Additional resources

Connect with Karen at www.kareninge.com

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