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 Guest biography

Dr Anna Boltong completed a Bachelor of Applied Science in health promotion in 1996 and went on to complete her Masters degree in Dietetics and gastronomy. She also has qualifications in teaching and learning in higher education.

Anna’s PhD utilised both qualitative and quantitative research findings to develop improved mechanisms to support both clinicians and patients to better manage cancer treatment induced taste problems.

Hosted by Jacinta Sherlock, we discuss:

– What sparked Anna’s interest in dietetics as a career.

– Anna’s experience of working in the UK and the opportunities that evolved from there.

– Anna’s experience of transitioning from clinical dietetics to public health, acadaemia, management and health policy.

– How you use the passion of food and the knowledge of nutritional science to guide your career.

– How clinical frustration guided Anna’s research dissertation and the evolution of Boltong’s Taxonomy of ‘Taste’.

– The influence of mentoring and how networks can be utilized to support growth, goals and gaps in knowledge.

– Leadership and the magic of visionary leadership.

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