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Charlotte is a Dietitian and qualified chef of 16 years. In 2002, Charlotte completed her chef apprenticeship in Melbourne, Australia. She then went on to pursue dietetics and graduated from Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia in 2006.

After working on private yachts and in homes, restaurants and hotels around the world, Charlotte returned to Melbourne to establish her business, Food&Joy in 2014.

Food & Joy is an innovative business that provides information, education and practical skills around food, cooking and nutrition to individuals and small groups. Food & Joy also consults to the industry and small businesses as well as serving up some nutritious and delicious meals at the Kitchen & Pantry in Carlton, Melbourne.

2017 update: Charlotte currently runs a meal delivery service (“we feed you”) and is the food and nutrition lead for Essendon Football Club.
Read more about Charlotte here.

In this episode, we discuss:


– Charlotte’s background:

Her chef apprenticeship

Her career journey working abroad

Setting up her business: Food & Joy.

– Charlotte’s passion for teaching and cooking and how this lead her to start Food & Joy.

– The steps Charlotte took to start Food & Joy (whilst she was still overseas!).

– Charlotte’s business tips for you:

Be ready for the uncertainty and unknown

Continually adapt and evolve your business

Listen to your customers

Know when to outsource the work

Evaluate your skills and what you can offer

You can plan, but just get started!

– We discuss the products and services her business offers, particularly her new venture: starting the shopfront Kitchen & Pantry.

– The philosophy behind Food & Joy and how she tailors the nutrition service to the client. We also chat about her business in Amsterdam.

– Charlotte’s approach to nutrition and dietetics: reducing clients’ anxiety, practical cooking skills, embracing the social aspect of food, mindfulness and acceptance.

– Charlotte’s cooking lessons for dietitians – seasonal food, easy recipes, networking and getting social.


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Click here for Kitchen & Pantry






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