Around the world in science circles, there is a growing recognition that dietary guidance should be based on evaluation of the health impact of whole foods rather than on the individual nutrients they contain. In Australia, we have recently seen this reflected in the Heart Foundation’s new recommendations around meat, dairy and eggs. This podcast, hosted by Sharon Natoli, with guest speaker Prof Michelle McKinley is all about the ‘food matrix effect‘ and how our approach to nutrition is changing.

About our speaker: Michelle McKinley is Professor of Nutrition at Queen’s University in Belfast. Prof McKinley’s research investigates the ability of dietary interventions to modify nutritional status and risk of chronic disease, particularly diabetes and cardiovascular disease, as well as exploring novel approaches to encouraging and supporting diet and lifestyle behaviour change and weight management throughout the life course.

About the host: Sharon Natoli is a dietitian, author, speaker and Director of Food & Nutrition Australia. Sharon’s expertise lies in creating and connecting messages about food, health and nutrition with clients and consumers in a way that resonates and inspires change.

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