Pivoting: it’s what all business owners have had to do during the COVID-19 pandemic. Innovative dietitians and business owners Sean Cornish from Your Fit and Alicia Edge from CompEat Nutrition join us in this episode to chat about how they pivoted in their respective businesses by flexing their creativity, focusing on their audience’s needs and being comfortable with things not being 100% perfect – something a lot of us dietitians struggle with! From the birth of a virtual studio to pulling together a first-of-its-kind online summit in what seemed like the blink of an eye, these are two on-the-pulse nutrition professionals that are sure to inspire you.


Sean Cornish is a Dad, Husband, Dietitian and Personal Trainer. He’s fortunate enough to work alongside his wife and they just love what they do! His love of fitness and nutrition comes from his early teens when he struggled with his own weight issues. It was the process of improving and working on his fitness that provided insight into his desired career path. Connect with Sean @_your_fit

Alicia Edge is an Advanced Sports Dietitian and co-founder of the performance nutrition tech solution, Compeat Nutrition. When she isn’t wrangling her 3 young kids and working with athletes of all levels, she is on one extreme learning curve in all things business, tech, leadership and always aiming for progress in the Dietetic Profession. Connect with Alicia on Instagram @compeat_nutrition, Facebook @compeatnutritionaus and LinkedIn @Compeat Nutrition

  • CompEat nutrition is growing and are looking to connect with like-minded dietitians. They would love to hear from you here.
In this episode, we discuss:
  • Sean and Alicia’s take-home messages from this trying time
  • The catalyst to change their business mindsets
  • Why it’s important to be a part of a narrative bigger than yourself 
  • How Sean and Alicia juggle parenthood with owning their own businesses
  • How they nail working full time with their respective partners
  • The importance of empathy, kindness and social intelligence when running your own business

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