From need-to-know business skills to challenging assumptions and even the pros and cons of telehealth, this is one jam-packed episode of Bite Size Chats with Dietitians. We’re lucky enough to be joined by the inspiring Melanie McGrice and Nicole Dynan to chat all things coping with COVID-19. Grab a cuppa and settle in – this one’s a goodie!



Melanie McGrice is a dietitian with a special interest in pre and postnatal nutrition. She is the founder of Nutrition Plus which is an alliance of dietitians with a special interest in Early Life Nutrition.  She runs the ‘Nourish with Melanie’ YouTube channel and is an ambassador for Compassion’s ‘Mum’s and Bub’s Clinics’ with the Nutrition Plus team sponsoring one in Tanzania. Connect with Melanie via @melaniemcgrice.

  • Click here to go to Melanie’s Tanzania donation page, here to view Nutrition Plus online courses and here to join Melanie’s health care professional email list


Nicole Dynan is one of Australia’s leading gut health dietitians. She is passionate about helping others understand how gut health impacts their wellbeing and how good nutrition can make a big difference to the way they feel. Nicole was inspired to start The Gut Health Dietitian (part of The Good Nutrition Co.) to share her knowledge of the power of food and the science of gut health with as many people as possible and guide them to change their lives for the better. Connect with Nicole via @the.guthealthdietitian.

  • Click here to check out Nicole’s new e-book The Good Mood Diet E-Book


In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Melanie and Nicole have re-strategised and tweaked their marketing collateral during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The assumptions they’ve challenged during this time
  • The pros and cons of consulting via telehealth
  • How to establish a genuine connection with clients via video conference
  • How they have supported their teams during this time
  • Basic business rules to cope during tough times
  • Their key learnings from this challenging period of time

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