They’re the three peas in a pod that work behind the scenes at Dietitian Connection: founder, Maree Ferguson, marketing and communications director, Kate Agnew, and new team member and marketing and communications assistant, Melissa Meier. In this episode of Bite Size Chats, Maree delves into the inner workings of the DC dream team and uncovers how the unanticipated events of 2020 have actually brought the tight-knit, quick-moving team closer together. Kate and Melissa explain a typical day in the life and the many hats they juggle, and shine the spotlight on the nurturing workplace culture Maree has created.


Kate Agnew is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, podcaster and, as she calls herself, a “Digital Foodie”. Kate’s marketing skills extend to podcasts, video, e-newsletters, blogs, webinar presentations and social media. She is currently the Marketing & Communications Director at Dietitian Connection.

Melissa Meier is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with a love of healthy, delicious food. Her nutrition philosophy revolves around real, wholefoods and finding balance – free from fads and so-called super foods. She is currently the Marketing & Communications Assistant at Dietitian Connection. Melissa is also heavily involved in nutrition journalism and writes regularly for the mass media. 

In this episode, we discuss:
  • How Kate and Melissa have coped with the COVID-19 pandemic

  • How they both landed their jobs at DC

  • The complementary skills they each bring to the team

  • The best parts of working at DC  

  • Their pride in being part of a higher purpose and giving back to the dietitian community

  • The importance of work hard, play hard!

  • What they’ve learnt about themselves and realised is most important during this time 

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