In this episode, uplifting duo Chloe McLeod and Jess Spendlove from @health_performance_collective share how they’ve taken life’s recent twists and turns in their stride. We discuss everything from the emotional rollercoaster that was the onset of COVID-19 to the opportunities they’ve been able to amplify during this time and how they’ve managed their staff’s (and their own) wellbeing and motivation. It certainly hasn’t been smooth sailing, but for these two, shifting gears, being kind to themselves and focusing on quality – not quantity – of work has turned out to be exactly what they needed.


Chloe McLeod is an Advanced Sports Dietitian and one of the co-founders of Health & Performance Collective, a nutrition consultancy business which helps motivated people live and perform at their best. Chloe also developed and runs the online course The FODMAP Challenge and is seen as an expert in this field. Above all, Chloe is passionate about helping individuals and teams be their healthiest selves. Chloe works with individuals, particularly people with food intolerance, as dietitian for the Parramatta Eels and with food brands, businesses and the media. Connect with Chloe at @chloe_mcleod_dietitian and @thefodmapchallenge.

Jess Spendlove is a Sydney-based Performance Dietitian and the other co-founder of Health & Performance Collective. Jess is also an Advanced Sports Dietitian and Accredited Practising Dietitian who is currently working with the GWS Giants, NSW Waratahs, Giants Netball, Western Sydney Wanderers and the Sydney Kings. Outside of her work with athletes, Jess enjoys working in the corporate environment, helping executives and their teams live and perform at their best, and works with food brands and the media. Connect with Jess at @jess_spendlove_dietitian.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • The impact of COVID-19 on their business, Health & Performance Collective 
  • How Chloe and Jess used this time as ‘equity building
  • How their lives have changed, both personally and professionally
  • The changes they foresee in their work moving forward  
  • The importance of diversified business streams 
  • How their businesses plans have shifted – not stalled – recently 
  • Being adaptable and embracing change

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