No doubt you’ve heard of Mia Freedman’s site ‘Mamamia’.  Claimed by many as ‘Australia’s largest and fastest growing women’s community’, Mammamia has grown to millions of readers each month.  If you haven’t done so already, I’d recommend subscribing to analyse the way that her site works.

One of the key features that Mamamia is known for is its captivating headings which make you want to click on them to read more.  Examples include: “Applicants for The Bachelor must answer really awkward questions about their sex lives”, “The latest role model making us feel okay about ourselves is a mum in ‘badass’ undies’ or “There’s only one eating movement Nigella Lawson can’t get behind” just MAKE you want to click on the link so that you can find out what the questions are, what ‘badass undies’ are and what’s the one eating movement that Nigella can’t get behind!  In today’s time-poor world, people scan websites, books, newspapers and magazines, so if your heading doesn’t grab their attention you can be guaranteed that they won’t even read the first line.

How do you make sure it grabs their attention?

I’ve learnt that headings need to be interesting, but not so vague that no one knows what you’re talking about.  A tool that I use regularly is  Simply type your headings into the search bar and it will rank them for you on traits such as originality and emotional pull.  My heading for this article scored an A+ – yeah for me!!

Hope you find this helpful too.

Melanie McGrice

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