By Joan Breakey

We know what symptoms food sensitive people get from hearing about the symptoms that go away when they go on the low chemical diet, and, importantly, come back when they have foods that cause their reactions. Many food sensitive people have more than one symptom, and their immediate family may have the same or other symptoms.

Following is a list of the many symptoms in different groups. Food sensitivity symptoms may be two types of physical symptoms.

  1. Allergy symptoms e.g. Eczema, Hives, Rashes, Anaphylaxis, Dermatitis, Hay fever, Constantly running nose, Sinus discomfort, Ear aches, Asthma, Diarrhoea, Vomiting, Constipation
  2. Symptoms usually not produced with allergy  e.g. Headaches, Migraine, IBS: irritable bowel syndrome, Excess wind (may be odourless or malodourous), Reflux, Colic, Tummy aches, Abdominal migraine, Spastic colon, Mouth ulcers, Limb pains, Lethargy/feeling  ‘hung over’, ‘Fuzzy thinking’, Bad breath/body odour, Car sickness, Bedwetting, Supersensitivity to pain, Supersensitivity to temperature change, Constant coughing, Nausea, Poor weight gain, Food refusal, Poor sense of direction, Hot cheeks, chest or feet

Symptoms may also include attention, social and sleep problems and mood problems – see online for all the other interesting symptoms people report.

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