Your cover letter is an opportunity to introduce yourself to a prospective employer and to outline how your skills and experience match the position requirements.


Your cover letter should be no longer than one page and include the following elements:

• Personal details – your name and contact details

• Addressee details – name and address of the hiring person

-Where possible you should address the letter to the employer’s name; If you don’t know the name address the letter with Dear Sir/Madam

• Position details – position title and reference number, if applicable

• Summary of your qualifications, skills and experience; and how you meet the position description

-Tip:  Remember to highlight how you are unique – your key selling points

-Consider using bullet points

• You may also include a statement about why you want this position

• Close with a call to action e.g. you look forward to discussing the position further with you at an interview



It is essential to tailor the cover letter to each position and not just reproduce the same letter.  I have previously received letters with the wrong name on them, clearly indicating that this was a generic letter!

As with your resume, don’t forget to check spelling and grammar


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