Selection criteria are often used in the selection process to compare your knowledge, skills and experience against the position description, and to determine which candidates should progress to the interview stage.


Utilise the STAR method in your response:

• Situation – what was the background/context of the example?

• Task – what was your role?

• Activities – what did you do and how did you do it?

• Results – what were the outcomes/results?



• Focus on writing about what you did, therefore, your responses should be written with “I” statements vs “we” comments

• Avoid generic statements like I am a good team player and have excellent communication skills

• Demonstrate how you meet the criteria by providing multiple examples for each selection criterion

• Try to use different examples for the different criterion if possible

• Use action words/verbs

• Ask someone else to review your responses and provide you with feedback

• Try to collect examples throughout the year so that you have them at hand when that perfect job arrives!

• Be concise



• Use each selection criterion as a heading, in the same order as presented in the job description, and then respond underneath.

• Consider using bullet points within your response.

• Ensure that you do not exceed any word limits (if applicable).  Where there is no page limit, around half a page is suitable, and no more than one page per criterion.

• Use right justification

• Utilise 1 and ½ or double line spacing if possible



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