Congratulations you have made it to the next step in the job hiring process!

In order to put your best foot forward in the interview you should prepare, prepare and then prepare some more.

You could consider the following suggestions during your preparation:

• Call the contact person on the job description to ask them some questions to find out some more about the position.  This shows you are interested in the position.

• Research the position, department and organisation; as well as the people who will be on the selection panel

• Spend time thinking about what questions might be asked during the interview and prepare what your responses would be

-Remember the interview questions would typically be related to the selection criteria

• Practice your responses out loud and preferably with someone else

• Write down a few questions to ask the selection panel at the end of the interview

• Determine what you will wear to the interview – make sure you project a professional image

• Ensure you know the location of the interview and how you are going to get there


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