by Kate Agnew, Marketing and Communications Director, Dietitian Connection


Our workplace at Dietitian Connection is pretty special. Under the leadership of Maree, it’s a place of gratitude, happiness and motivation – and this spirit is reflected in the work we output. I am humbled to be a part of this amazing team, and still have to pinch myself that I landed this career opportunity.

For those who hope to create a similarly positive environment, I’d like to share fve traits I’ve observed in our workplace since I joined the team. While I call them the “special sauce” for our team, they’re easy to replicate in any workplace – and incredibly rewarding, if you do.

Here’s the “secret sauce” recipe we’ve created at DC, in hopes that it’s useful for your own workplace:

1. Start with an open mind.

Professional development comes in many forms, even outside of annual dietetics events. At DC, we have a motto: there’s an opportunity in every encounter – whether this be a coffee catch-up, dinner with colleagues, a formal networking event or a seminar.

2. Mix in a variety of ingredients.

At DC, we fInd inspiration from a wide range of activities. We attend events by local entrepreneurs and start-ups, to learn more about others’ business journeys. We love Business Chicks breakfasts because we learn from amazing, inspiring people who have changed the world. But we don’t stop there. We listen to podcasts, read blogs and go to tech events – there’s always something to take away.

3. Add a pinch of fun.

Our quarterly team outings give us the chance to build trust, bond in a relaxed environment and enjoy being out of the offIce. (Plus, some of us get to show off our previously unheralded mini golf skills!)

4. Stir it all in.

When you go out into the world {as above] and gain inspiration – whether it’s from an external event or from a teammate’s ideas – you come back to your workplace excited and motivated. But putting new ideas into practice can be a challenge. So, stir in those new ideas with the help of your teammates. We like to de-brief post-event, then set a few achievable goals to kick us into action. That way, we know we can help each other along to results.

5. Add that finishing touch.

Celebrate your successes – even the small wines [oops, I meant wins – Freudian slip]! We take the time to reflect, celebrate our success — and dream bigger for next time.


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