Relinquish your need for control

— Susie Burrell


So many of our daily frustrations, concerns and wasted energy come from our need to control things that are completely out of our control – the bad morning traffic, how much the kids are eating, whether the husband has done his jobs, the predicament a close friend finds themselves in but choose to do nothing about. All common situations and scenarios we ultimately can do nothing about.


All we can control is our reaction to these situations – whether we become involved emotionally or simply observe and move on, instead concentrating on what we should be doing and concentrating on at any one time. Once we remind ourselves of our personal boundaries not only do we have more energy for ourselves but our relationships with others exist in a much more balanced state.


A very experienced psychologist once told me wisely that if a session was making me tired, I was doing too much work and it is the same in all of our interactions with others. If someone is not pulling their weight, doing more only means that they are less likely to step up and do their part. Practice pulling back and letting others step up, you will be surprised at the ones that do it when you give them the opportunity to do things in their own way, at the time that is right for them.




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