This week I attended a Business Chicks lunch with guest speaker Michelle Bridges.  Michelle opened by stating her goal in life was to inspire people to move.  She asked the audience “what do you want?”  For example, do you want to travel, write a book, change career, be a better parent, lose weight, etc.  Interestingly, most people can tell you what they don’t want but struggle to answer the question of what they do want out of life. 

Michelle’s next question was “what action are you prepared to do to make it happen?” This is where many of us become unstuck.  She discussed that we need to have a plan, but a plan in itself is not enough, we have to put it into action.  I too am a big believer in writing goals and plans, and I have found the likelihood of success is significantly greater. 

Michelle discussed just taking that first action step aligned with your goal, and then you are on the treadmill and the next step and the next, just follows.  And your plan, of course, should be a life plan. 

Michelle stated that in her experience that once the lightbulb moment occurs for people and they believe that they can do what they want to do, they do it!  She suggests looking at others who have what you want and examine what they are doing – their actions, behaviours, thoughts, etc.  They will most likely have a plan that you can follow.

Michelle highlighted that the final piece of the plan is JFDI – don’t overthink it, just frickin do it! Stop procrastinating and examine what’s stopping you, what’s holding you back, what stories or excuses are you listening to?

Michelle talked about if you change now, then your past doesn’t have to equal the future, but what are you resisting?  Resistance equals persistence.  Do you want a life or life of torture.  Make a choice now or the choice will be made for you, for example if you don’t take care of your health now you might develop diabetes; or if you don’t take some calculated risks/actions with your business, you may go out of business.

Michelle concluded with her 3c’s for success: 




Just turn up each and every day. 

Michelle’s messages were very simple – don’t overthink it.  I found her approach potentially a little more confronting for clients than we might be used to as dietitians, and she definitely makes the individual accountable.  I think there is much we can learn from Michelle’s approach and we could definitely incorporate some of the strategies she utilizes in our sessions with clients.

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