Dr Megan Rossi RD APD
It’s a nutrition leader’s marketing dream: 47,200 followers on Instagram [@theguthealthdoctor] who enthusiastically engage with your content, tagging and commenting up a storm. Megan Rossi’s not only a rising star in dietetics, but also an influencer in marketing and communications.

Here are her top tips on maximising your reach:


1. Translate science into fun and easy-to understand messages for the public.
I just imagine that I’m talking to some of my girlfriends who aren’t science-based, and think about how they would want to be communicated to.

2. Get a life offline.

I’ve gained a large following because I’ve been doing heaps of different talks over the past year, and collaborating with other influencers who then give me a shout-out on Instagram. So, it’s not about just focusing on your Insta account – you need to get out in the public. Go offline. Be human.

3. Be open to collabs and partnerships – including those made through social media.

My partnership with Leon restaurants began through good old Instagram! Leon is so forward-thinking, and it just shows. They see gut health as not just a trend that’s transient, but as the future of health. They wanted to roll out gut health in their restaurants via menu development, as well as educating the public. It’s a dream collaboration.


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