79% of consumers prefer watching video, to reading text, when learning about a product or service, according to Wyzowl’s 2017 State of Marketing Survey. After digesting this it was obvious – video marketing is an essential tool for any business, in communicating yourself and your services to potential consumers/ clients and then winning them over. Upskilling in the area of video marketing is key to staying abreast of this fast growing trend. So, I attended a one-day video marketing workshop, thanks to Allied Health Marketing and TV Training Australia; here’s what I learnt:

  • 7%-38%-55% Rule, first introduced by Professor Albert Mehrabian, this formula is essential for communicating effectively. When we communicate, only 7% of our message can be attributed to the words we use. Pitch and tone of voice account for 38% and body language, facial expressions and all those subtle visual elements account for a whopping 55% of the way our message is received.
  • A recipe for effective scripting: don’t waste your first ten seconds on camera – use an emotional hook (such as an anecdote) or a question. Then provide a maximum of three key messages and finish with a strong, passionate call to action. During the workshop, we also got personalized assistance with scripting our marketing videos (tailored to our business’ objectives) from marketing expert Chris McCarroll, Founder Allied Health Marketing.
  • Marketing involves more than just sellingbuilding a connection with your audience and showing your personality is equally important.
  • It is a mental game but one we can all learn. Throughout the workshop, we went through a number of techniques to mentally prepare ourselves (including how to navigate mistakes). And in case you’re wondering: video marketing is not just for extroverts.
  • Lights – Camera – Action: After learning how to position myself effectively, I delivered my content in front of camera, using green screen, and streaming to high definition video. Feedback from both the experts and the other beginners (small business owners) was invaluable to the learning curve.

After take two, three (sometimes take four), I left with three high quality marketing videos – professionally edited and ready for YouTube upload! Effective video marketing is not simply turning on Facebook Live and speaking at your audience. It entails training, expert assistance and of course bringing [and showing] what you are so passionate about as a dietitian.

A special thank you to Chris McCarroll from Allied Health Marketing for making this training day possible.

— By Kate Agnew

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